by Dad Metal

1.2.2023. Hammerfall @ Le Trabendo, Paris

Ticket for this concert was a Christmas gift from my girlfriend and it was my first metal concert since I became a dad. It was not easy to leave my girfriend and our baby for the night, but it felt so good to rock! Listening to Hammerfall helped me to stay energized and uplifting during the times when my baby didn't sleep a lot during the night and I was tired. The album that I discovered couple of months before the concert was Hammer of Dawn and I loved it! Every song is a banger! :) Seeing them live was awesome! The club was not too big so it was an intimate atmosphere and the sound was amazing! I also met metalheads Stephane and his brother, with whom I shared couple of beers.

26.10.2023. Stratovarius + Sonata Arctica + Sortilege @ Bataclan, Paris

I was going through a very tough period at work since September and I felt extremely low and unhappy. Then I discovered the album Survive by Stratovarius and I fell in love with it on the first listen. Each song was speaking to me, reminding me that I'm strong and that I can do it. It seems like it was destiny to go to this concert. I arrived directly from work, but I still missed half of Sonata Arctica's show. I never listened to them so I wasn't angry. During the Stratovarius show I jumped, yelled and left my pain on floor. Tired, I stayed at the back of the concert room to listen to Sortilege, and damn what a pleasant surprise! They were amazing!!! While they were playin I was thinking of Sparowhawk from Earthsea, and I got filled with energy, motivation and hope. This concert conforted my soul and I managed to stay strong, and at the end of December I quit my toxic job after finding a new job opportunity.