30.1.2024. Beast in Black + Gloryhammer @ L’Olympia, Paris

I will never forget the evening when train got broken and I had to bike around 16 km to home, listening to some YouTube playlist of power metal, and hearing Magic Dragon song from Gloryhammer for the first time, during the climb on a steep hill. I was like "HOLY SHIT, this is awesome!" and climbed to the top! The opportunity came to see them live in Paris and my girlfriend offered me a ticket for Christmas. The show was pure fun! They are great performers and entertainers, songs were fun and they played for a looong time. I ended up in a mosh pit bt accident. I was enjoying the concert but was also feeling a little nostalgic during the old songs, wondering how awesome would it be to see Thomas singing them. For Beast in Black I didn't have any expectations, but they were absolutely fantastic! Mix of metal & 80s music, futuristic imagery, and TALENT. I also met cool metalheads Guillaume and Antonin. :)

30.03.2024. Crimison Veil + All For Metal + Lordi @ Le Forum, Vauréal

HARD ROCK HALLELUJAH! Haha, this was my first concert on which I went by car! :) The concert was awesome! I couldn't miss a chance to see THE winners of Eurovision. I listened to their new album Screem Writers Guild since I bought the tickets and I'm really loving it! Concert started with Crimison Veil - it's an interesting band - they look like an occult band, chello player, singer singing high notes and then screaming, great looks with horns. All For Metal was pumped up, it was sooooo cheesy and I loved it! They were energetic, they sounded excelent and I know many songs and had a smile on my face the whole time. And then Lordi! Wow, they are something! :) Everything was perfect - masks, humor, songs, sound! Oh là là! They were not just the concert, they were a theatre also! Each member had a solo, and an acting piece - Hiisi ate a person, Hella's head was detached, and Mr. Lordi has so many guns! :D